My name is Muhammed Nagy. I’m a 17 years old Backend developer (mostly Ruby on Rails).I’m passionate about Programming and Technology.  I have a good experience with managing Linux Servers  and web servers aiming to be Software Developer by day and a system administrator by night

I wasn’t able to work online for more than 2 years. I applied to lots of jobs on freelancing websites like Upwork and Freelancer.


How did I start?

A potential client talked with me about his job and then he gave me an offer and I accepted it. I finished my school exams and worked hard for 2 weeks. I worked on fixing bugs and configuring an undocumented big project on GitHub. The project wasn’t active for 2 years. After i finished my fixes, I asked the client if I can push the bug fixes to Github and he agreed, he even kept helping me to know more about the issues that face other people.

I forked the Repository on Github and started to push the bug fixes, updated the installation document and wrote new documents. I added a new issue to the original repo to inform the people who are interested in my fork.


What happened?

Afterwards, lots of people thanked me, others started reporting to me the problems they faced and I solved these problems for them.

  • I made hundreds of dollars fixing the bugs in that open source project

  • I found out that people want to help me too!!!

  • I got a lot of emails from people asking me for technical issues.

  • I even got an email from someone who wanted me to write some documents fast ( I'm busy these days), he told me that he can donate to me to write them in a weekend. He paid me 20 $ in BTC !!!!

  • I got emails from people who wanted me to work with them.

I'm very busy now and have long term clients thanks to one open source project.


What to learn?

Open source is very important it teaches you a lot of important things.

Open source can make you money even if the software is free and open, the money is in the support and anyone can grab it if you look closely.


Thanks for reading, Don't forget to share.

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