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  • Cisco Open-sources the MindMeld Conversational AI Platform

    12 May 2019

    Cisco announced that it has open-sourced the MindMeld conversation AI platform, making it available to anyone who wants to use it under the Apache 2.0 license. MindMeld is the conversational AI company that Cisco bought in 2017. The company put the technology to use in Cisco Spark Assistant later that year to help bring voice commands to meeting hardware, which was just beginning to emerge at the time. The company also wants to make it easier for developers to get going with the platform, so it is releasing the Conversational AI Playbook, a step-by-step guide book to help developers get started with conversation-driven applications. Cisco says this is about empowering developers, and that’s probably a big part of the reason. Mind Meld and the Playbook available on Cisco's DevNet platform,

  • Microsoft open-sources its quantum computing development tools

    07 May 2019

    Microsoft announced that it is open-sourcing its Quantum Development Kit, including its Q# compilers and simulators, this summer on GitHub. Microsoft’s programming language for quantum computing, Q#, features a native-type system for qubits, operators, and other abstractions. The Quantum Development Kit includes the Q# programming language and compiler, the Q# library, a local quantum machine simulator, a quantum computer trace simulator, and a resource estimator. There are also Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions. Bits, which is the basic units of information in classical computing, are always in a state of 0 or 1, while qubits can be in a state of 0, 1, or a superposition of the two. Quantum computing leverages qubits to perform computations that would be much more difficult for a classical computer. The company said the kit has everything a developer needs to build their own quantum computing programs and experiments. they can use it to learn basic quantum concepts, code their first quantum application, and deliver real-world solutions. Microsoft hopes open-sourcing the Quantum Development will grow the community of Q# developers by making quantum computing and algorithm development easier and more transparent. Source code will be available on and Microsoft Quantum official website  here

  • CommunityBridge.. a new platform to help sustain open source communities

    09 April 2019

    The Linux Foundation unveiled CommunityBridge, a new platform that aims to give developers the resources they need to make open source technologies more secure and sustainable. “CommunityBridge is the platform to solve critical challenges and fuel open source innovation and sustainability by empowering people – all in one place” stated the Linux foundation. The community platform has been launched with three tools: CommunityBridge Funding, which enables developers to raise funds for open source projects; CommunityBridge Security, to provide transparency into potential vulnerabilities through a security scanning and bug bounty service; CommunityBridge People, which aims to connect open source developers with mentors. There is no cost for maintainers and developers to access and use the CommunityBridge platform. As an incentive for projects to get involved in the early access program, The Linux Foundation is absorbing the cost of any platform and payment processor fees for the first $10 million spent. The foundation, which celebrates 20 years of supporting open source communities next year, plans to further build CommunityBridge over time so that it provides a full suite of tools to serve open source developers and ecosystems. CommunityBridge is available on

  • Wordpress now powers one-third of the web

    07 April 2019

    WordPress, the open source content management systems, announced that their software powers over one-third of the top 10 million websites on the internet. Joost de Valk, Marketing & Communications Lead in WordPress said on the blog post that W3Techs Statistics shows that its market share reached 33.4% on last month, March 2019, compered to 29.9 on March 2018. In 2005, WordPress were celebrating 50,000 downloads. Six years later, in January 2011, WordPress was powering 13.1% of websites. And now, early in 2019, the open source CMS are powering 33.4% of sites on the web. WordPress CMS available to download on and source code available on

  • Automation service Chef goes fully open source

    04 April 2019

    Chef, the popular automation service, announced that it is open-sourcing all of its software under the Apache 2 license. it's a shift from a mix of open source and proprietary software business plan to fully committing to open source. Chef CEO, Barry Crist, said “There is no better way to build software than in the open in partnership with individuals and companies who use our stack in the real world". He added on a blog post "we will expand the scope of our open source licensing to include 100 per cent of our software under the Apache 2.0 license without any restrictions on the use, distribution or monetization of our source code as long as our trademark policy is respected". Chef’s decision comes during a bit of a tumultuous time in the open-source world. A number of companies like Redis, MongoDB and Elastic have recently moved to licenses that explicitly disallow the commercial use of their open-source products by large cloud vendors like AWS unless they also buy a commercial license.  

  • Mozilla released Firefox 66

    20 March 2019

    Mozilla has released Firefox 66, bringing the browser's much-awaited feature that blocks distracting auto-playing video and audio. The new browser also adds support for Windows Hello passwordless login. Firefox 66 reaches the stable channel, bringing the same block on autoplay video with sound that Google delivered in Chrome 66 last April. "We know that unsolicited volume can be a great source of distraction and frustration for users of the web. So we are making changes to how Firefox handles playing media with sound. We want to make sure web developers are aware of this new autoplay blocking feature in Firefox," Mozilla's Chris Pearce said when the feature was announced in February. The autoplay-blocking feature is available in Firefox 66 for desktop and Firefox for Android. The browser will now only allow a site to play audio or video with sound once a user has done something to initiate audio, such as pressing a play button. Meanwhile the existing feature in Firefox on Android is aligned with the behavior of Firefox on desktop. Users can whitelist sites that they wish to autoplay sound. Firefox will show a notification on a site that tries to play media automatically with a 'Don't Allow' and an 'Allow' button. Mozilla says desktop users can expect to be able to find a specific webpage faster in Firefox 66, when they have lots of tabs open. Using the tab overflow menu, users can now search within all their open tabs. There is also easier search via a redesigned new tab in Private Windows. Firefox 66 has also added support for easier passwordless sign-in on Windows 10 Windows Hello thanks to the WebAuthn standard, which became an official W3C standard earlier this month. "Added support for Windows Hello on Windows 10, allowing you to use your face, fingerprint, or external security keys for website authentication," Mozilla's Firefox 66 release notes will say, according to the Bugzilla report about the feature. Previously passwordless sign-in was available using Edge on Windows 10 with Windows Hello. Mozilla's release notes for Firefox 66 also reveal details about two issues that have been fixed in the update. The first is that in Windows 10 the Dark and Light Firefox themes now override the system setting for title-bar accent color. The second fix resolves an issue that caused Firefox to freeze when downloading files in Linux.

  • Mozilla open-sources a tool for publishing dynamic data science on the web

    13 March 2019

    Mozilla has announced the release of an open source tool meant to help scientists and engineers write and share interactive documents on the web. Mozilla released Iodide, an “experimental tool” make it easier for engineers and scientists to create, view, and replicate data visualizations on the web. The tool is currently in alpha, and available from GitHub in open source under Mozilla Public License 2.0. Iodide source code on GitHub:, Also available on

  • Windows Calculator now available as open source app

    10 March 2019

    Microsoft has announced that the Windows Calculator app is being open sourced on GitHub. The GitHub project hosts the source code, build system, unit tests, and the product roadmap, which should give developers an idea about how the app works. Microsoft said on a blog post that the Windows Calculator app will be available for open source community under the MIT License. The Windows Calculator is written in C++ and offers standard, scientific, programmer, and converter functionality. To run and test the code, Developers need Windows 10 version 1803 or later, any SKU of the latest version of Visual Studio, UWP development workload, C++ UWP tools, Windows 10 SDK, and the XAML Styler extension for Visual Studio. The windows Calculator app code on GitHub:

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