Chef, the popular automation service, announced that it is open-sourcing all of its software under the Apache 2 license. it’s a shift from a mix of open source and proprietary software business plan to fully committing to open source.

Chef CEO, Barry Crist, said “There is no better way to build software than in the open in partnership with individuals and companies who use our stack in the real world”.

He added on a blog post “we will expand the scope of our open source licensing to include 100 per cent of our software under the Apache 2.0 license without any restrictions on the use, distribution or monetization of our source code as long as our trademark policy is respected”.

Chef’s decision comes during a bit of a tumultuous time in the open-source world. A number of companies like Redis, MongoDB and Elastic have recently moved to licenses that explicitly disallow the commercial use of their open-source products by large cloud vendors like AWS unless they also buy a commercial license.


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