Unveiled by The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation unveiled CommunityBridge, a new platform that aims to give developers the resources they need to make open source technologies more secure and sustainable.

“CommunityBridge is the platform to solve critical challenges and fuel open source innovation and sustainability by empowering people – all in one place” stated the Linux foundation.

The community platform has been launched with three tools:
CommunityBridge Funding, which enables developers to raise funds for open source projects;
CommunityBridge Security, to provide transparency into potential vulnerabilities through a security scanning and bug bounty service;
CommunityBridge People, which aims to connect open source developers with mentors.

There is no cost for maintainers and developers to access and use the CommunityBridge platform. As an incentive for projects to get involved in the early access program, The Linux Foundation is absorbing the cost of any platform and payment processor fees for the first $10 million spent.

The foundation, which celebrates 20 years of supporting open source communities next year, plans to further build CommunityBridge over time so that it provides a full suite of tools to serve open source developers and ecosystems.

CommunityBridge is available on communitybridge.org

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