The newest version of Firefox for desktop and Android, version 64, is out today and it comes with a few nifty features for more intensive tab and extension use.

Mozilla says users will now “see suggestions in regular browsing mode for new and relevant Firefox features, services, and extensions based on how you use the web” a feature that won’t work while in private browsing mode and is not based on your browser history. One such example is Firefox recommending To Google Translate if it sees you’re constantly using Google’s natural language tool.

Another new feature in version 64 is something Mozilla is calling “enhanced tab management.” That means you’ll now be able to select multiple tabs in your tab bar and group them together to move, close, bookmark, or pin them. Firefox’s updated Task Manager will also now tell you the energy impact of individual tabs, in the event you’re using a laptop or Android phone and you are concerned about intensive browser tasks that might be power hogs.

On Android, Mozilla says it’s improved scrolling speed and improved a few other performance-related metrics, but nothing really groundbreaking on the mobile end. All of these features are available now, and you can also download the developer version of Firefox here.

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