Mozilla announced that the latest release of Firefox browser will now block third-party tracking cookies by default.

The blocking will automatically occur for new users who download the latest Firefox release. You’ll notice the feature when you go to the browser’s preferences and check “Content Blocking.”

the default blocking will only be switched on for new Firefox users. It will roll out for existing users in the coming months, but Mozilla wants to first iron out any potential errors that might arise.

Existing users who can’t wait can switch on the third-party blocking by going to the browser’s privacy preferences and clicking on the “Custom” option. Then go to “Cookies” and switch on blocking for third-party trackers.

Firefox is also preparing to default block another notorious way online advertisers can track your web activities, which is known as “fingerprinting”. These third-party computer scripts can be embedded inside web pages to collect information on your machine’s browser settings, such as IP address and browser version, in order to identify your internet presence.

Users can download The newest Firefox version from

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