GitHub, which is the biggest repository for open source projects, has launched a new feature called “GitHub Sponsors”, which lets developers fund the development of open source software.

GitHub said about the new feature on a blog post “it is a new way to financially support the developers who build the open source software you (Users) use every day”.

GitHub explains its reasoning that “Funding individuals helps them keep doing important work, expands opportunities to participate, and gives developers the recognition they deserve”.

GitHub Sponsors is currently limited to “a small number of sponsored developers”. However, “anyone who contributes to an open source project is eligible to become a sponsored developer in the future.” You can join the waitlist at GitHub Sponsors on

While the number of developers is limited at the moment, any GitHub user can sponsor one of the developers in the program. Just head to their profile or hover over their username to do so. For the first 12 months, GitHub will cover the payment processing fees.

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