Google has announced the release of the Flutter toolkit, Flutter 1.0, the first stable release of Google’s UI toolkit for creating native experiences for iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Google said in a blog post “Flutter doesn’t replace the traditional Apple and Android app models for building mobile apps; instead, it’s an app engine that you can either embed into an existing app or use for an entirely new app”.

Flutter is an open source project with a BSD-style license, and includes the contributions of hundreds of developers from around the world. In addition, there’s a vibrant ecosystem of thousands of plug-ins. And because every Flutter app is a native app that uses the standard Android and iOS build tools, you can access everything from the underlying operating system, including code and UI written in Kotlin or Java on Android, and Swift or Objective-C on iOS.

Google said “we think of the characteristics of Flutter along four dimensions”. Beside it is an open source project, Google wants devolper to use flutter for building beautiful apps, fast devolpment, and producativity.

Flutter tool kit available on Flutter official website and the source code available on the GitHub project board.

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