Microsoft announced that it is open-sourcing its Quantum Development Kit, including its Q# compilers and simulators, this summer on GitHub.

Microsoft’s programming language for quantum computing, Q#, features a native-type system for qubits, operators, and other abstractions. The Quantum Development Kit includes the Q# programming language and compiler, the Q# library, a local quantum machine simulator, a quantum computer trace simulator, and a resource estimator. There are also Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code extensions.

Bits, which is the basic units of information in classical computing, are always in a state of 0 or 1, while qubits can be in a state of 0, 1, or a superposition of the two. Quantum computing leverages qubits to perform computations that would be much more difficult for a classical computer.

The company said the kit has everything a developer needs to build their own quantum computing programs and experiments. they can use it to learn basic quantum concepts, code their first quantum application, and deliver real-world solutions.

Microsoft hopes open-sourcing the Quantum Development will grow the community of Q# developers by making quantum computing and algorithm development easier and more transparent.

Source code will be available on and Microsoft Quantum official website  here

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