OpenProject announced the release of OpenProject 9. The release introduces a new board view for OpenProject Paid Editions, Also, other features for basic edition like work package templates, customizable work package views for the My Page and more.

OpenProject is a collaborative open source project management software. It’s an alternative to proprietary solutions like Trello and Jira.

Users can use it for free if it’s for personal use and you set it up (and host it) on your own server. This way, you control your data. Users can use Community edition for free or get access to premium features and priority help using Cloud or Enterprise editions.

With the new Scrum and Agile board view, users can easily display their work in a Kanban-style fashion and support their Agile and Scrum teams. Quickly get an overview of their tasks, see who is assigned and rapidly update a work package’s status or version. Users also can choose between a basic board (which allows you to create custom columns), a status board, and a version board.

Also, When users create new work packages, it is often helpful to have a template to work with. With OpenProject 9, users can do just that: define templates (e.g. for bugs, risks, tasks) and display the predefined template in the work package description when you create a new work package.

To use OpenProject 9 developers create an instance on or run OpenProject 9 in their own infrastructure using the Installation guidelines for OpenProject.

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