A new success story about using open source software effectively to reduce developing and operation costs has been wrote in the Egyptian universities, namely the Faculty of Computers and Information.

The IT faculty developed an online community for its students. It used an open source software, like PHP, the open source programming language, and MySql, The open source database management system.

Since 2007, the online community has been used to offer a lot of services to the current and past faculty’s student, like student affairs services, printing graduation certificates, get absence percentage, get exams set numbers, and send petitions to the administrative staff.

Dr. Mohamed Hamed, the lecturer at the faculty of computers and information at Cairo University, told EgyptFOSS “using open source software reduced the costs of developing, operating, and updating the portal to the minimums”. He added that the faculty paid only the salary of the developers which they are already a faculty members.

Hamed also explained “using OSS also reduced the updating obstacles since launce”, and added “over the ten years of operation we didn’t faced any huge technical problem or paid extra cost to add a feature to our e-community portal”.

The Egyptian lecturer assumed that the OSS are a perfect solution to develop high quality application with minimum costs.

Finally, it’s notable to mention that Cairo University took a lot of steps to use an OSS when developing a portal for her students or faculty members. It relied on a free and open source software solution, OpenScholar, to provide to the faculty members an easy way to create professional pages using one of university on the Internet.

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